Alfredo Beltran I am beyond honored to be the baritone soloist for Coro Lux’s  performances of Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem. As a recent graduate of a Master’s degree in voice performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, this solo opportunity is a major step in the possibility of having an operatic and concert solo career. Opera and other music companies will more than not hire experienced singers for their productions, so as to ensure both a good investment in the singers, but also to ensure the singers have the vocal maturity needed for certain roles and solos. As such, younger singers that are just out of school more than not struggle to get employed by many companies, resulting in minimal experience and payment for music-related work.

The baritone solos in Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem are one of the pinnacle concert solos for baritone singers. While Coro Lux could have easily hired a more experienced singer to sing the solos, I am honored and indebted to Brad Ellingboe and Coro Lux for giving me this opportunity. Not only will this opportunity give me the experience needed by singers to succeed in the industry, but the generous scholarship that I have been given to sing the solos and sing with the group in general will help me out financially as I start on the path to a hopeful operatic and concert solo career.

Alexis Gutierrez Through Coro Lux I am able to continue my love of music through the art form and expression of singing. I am lucky enough (and some would say blessed) to have been given a scholarship to perform with such a magnificent group. This ensemble – although young in age – is doing extraordinary and extremely sophisticated pieces of music.

I have participated with numerous groups, both local, national and international, and Coro Lux is a force to be reckoned with. Being a young musician, financial situations can be quite hard at times, especially when juggling work, school and/or any other extracurricular activities. So I say thank you to Brad Ellingboe, the Coro Lux Board and all those who made my scholarship available. Thank you!