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Notes from the 2016 Summer Classes

For those of you who would like to know more about the music educator Emile Jacque-Dalcroze and his method of involving your whole body into music-making, I recommend this book, which is accessible by the layman.

For those who wish to work on their music theory on their own, I recommend this series of books:

One-Minute Theory, Book One, Teacher’s edition
One-Minute Theory, Book Two, Teacher’s edition
One-Minute Theory, Book Three, Teacher’s edition

My guess is that most of you would fall into the “Book Two” level, but if you’re a beginner, look at book one and if you’re advanced, head right for book three.  Also, I suggest you buy the teacher’s edition, since that way you can get the answers to the quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Those of us “old-timers” in the singing business learned to negotiate the singing of intervals through a variety of mnemonic devices.  One of the most common is to associate an interval with a famous song.  Nowadays, the internet makes this SO much easier!  Here’s a fun link for those of you who want to better learn the singing of intervals.

Singing Technique:  How to Avoid Vocal Trouble by Joseph Klein

  • This book is somewhat dated (copyright 1967) but was at the forefront of modern scientific research about the vocal mechanism.  That is, there are pictures and charts showing the exact musculature of all the parts of the body involved in singing.  For those of you of a more medical or technical bent, this is a good starting book.  Its intended reader is not so much a professional singer or voice teacher but, rather, a college freshmen just starting their vocal studies.

Summer 2016 Class Materials/Handouts.

ABQ Coro Lux Artistic Director Bradley Ellingboe led classes during the summer of 2016. While the classes have ended, the information about class contents as well as the class handouts are included below.

  • Class 1.   Breath support.  How the vocal mechanism works.  Posture. Handout:  Summer-2016-Class1.
  • Class 2. How to affect vocal timbre (“color”).  Also, Basic Music Theory/Interval training/Count-singing. Handout: Summer-2016-Class2.
  • Classes 3 & 4. Audition tips/Mock auditions. Handout: Summer-2016-Classes3&4.