About Our Members

Larry Allen is a System Engineer at Sandia National Labs. He has sung with Opera Southwest and the University Chorus under Maestro Ellingboe more or less continuously  since 1985. Larry feels like he has died and gone to Heaven when he gets to sing a major choral work with such an illustrious chorus as Coro Lux. He is survived by girlfriend, Jacki  Judd, son Lawrence, and Siberian Husky Razzy, a vocal soloist of renown in his own right.

George Arthur — When George was an undergraduate at UNM he was an active member of the University Chorus. After 50 years living in Connecticut he has returned full circle to Albuquerque and singing under the direction of the former music director of that same group.

Bill Artman — I began singing in a Men’s Glee Club at St Bonaventure University (in western New York), 50 years ago.  SPEBSQSA, Mannergesangverein in Landstuhl 1966, numerous church choirs, the UNM University Chorus, and Bob Boughton’s Madrigal  Singers bring the total number of groups I have sung in to 10.  I am so pleased to once again sing for M.r Brad  Elllingboe in Coro Lux!   I recently received a new aortic valve donated to me from a Mexican Fighting Bull.  As a result, I find I feel more aggressive towards Swedes and Norwegians now.  Love to sing, ride motorcycles, and all the other activities which help you gain weight.

Kate Austin — My parents were musicians and loved to sing, So, since singing was a family affair, I’ve been singing in a choral setting since I could talk.  I’m newly retired and have become an ABQ BioPark Docent and am loving it and the new singing opportunities in my life. Who would have thought that life could be this grand?

Sonya B. – When I was five mom took me to sing with her in our local community choir. At one of our first concerts the accompanist was very late. Our lovely director asked if anyone could play the piano. For some reason my 5 year old brain thought I could and my hand shot up. The director said “Sonya I didn’t know you could play!” Just then the  accompanist walked in and saved me from much embarrassment. Though I never learned to play the piano, my passion for singing has never died. I feel honored to sing with the many talented singers of Coro Lux.

Alfredo Beltran is a lyric baritone and freelance musician currently based in Albuquerque. He is a recent graduate of the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of  Missouri-Kansas City, where he received a Master of Music Degree in Voice Performance,  studying under baritone Dale Morehouse. Before that, he received a Bachelor of Music  Degree in Voice Performance from UNM, where he studied with baritone Michael Hix. His  prior choral experiences include singing in the UNM Concert Choir under Bradley Ellingboe, Quintessence under Matthew Greer, the UMKC Conservatory Singers under Dr.  Robert Bode, and the Kansas City Symphony Chorus under Charles Bruffy. He is also currently a choral intern and assistant conductor at First Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque, working with Dr. James Yeager.

Elysia Bennett is an Albuquerque native who studied at UNM and received her degree in Vocal Performance in 2012. Aside from teaching voice at NDI-Highland and the Little Guitar School, Elysia loves to adventure with her husband Gerald and their son Atlas.

Gerald Bennett – Greetings! You can call me “g”. I have had varied and somewhat related musical experiences, but suffice it to say, “I did things… now I’m here.” During my lengthy pursuit for papers proving I can do music, I lost my passion for doing so! What you’re seeing here is an attempt to reinvigorate the once cherished passion to ‘phonate on a properly shaped vowel.’ See what I mean? Enjoy the show!

Lillian Biffle, a degreed musician, is a golfer, knitter, mother of two and grandmother of five.  With Coro Lux, Lillian Biffle returns to her roots as a choral soprano – an activity at which she excelled before the other things got in the way.

Jan Bowers – is a middle aged, widowed, white woman, doing her best to keep all of her balls in the air! Including golf balls! Managing her commercial rental property and providing for her retired racehorses keeps her occupied most of the time. Jan is blessed with a wide network of friends, and cultivating those friendships is very important to her! She loves entertaining and is fortunate enough to take a couple of trips a year. Jan is involved in her church life as a part of the “Visual Choir” and the Chancel Choir. She has sung for many years in choirs under the waving arms of Brad Ellingboe. Very excited to be a part of this new ensemble, Coro Lux!

Wanda Kidwell Brasgala — A Washington DC area native, Wanda sang Handel’s Messiah in front of the White House with her public high school. An artist, Wanda completed an apprenticeship in the DC area, as well as in San Francisco, before being invited, while still a teen, to northern New Mexico for an artist apprenticeship with Janusz and Nancy (Hebenstreit) Koikowksi. While there, Wanda stayed several months with artist, Georgia O’Keeffe.

Rebecca Brunette graduated from UNM’s music program in 2015 with a focus in opera performance. During an average week you can find her in a choir, on a mountain, or possibly under a pile of books. If you find her elsewhere, you will have seven years of good luck.

Linda Buffett – I spent my childhood in a divided home:  Mom couldn’t sing at all, but Dad certainly could.   He taught my brother and me to sing harmonies to his tenor, especially around a bonfire on the beach on a summer’s evening. I joined a  church choir in third grade and kept singing in choirs, ensembles and musicals  until I finished college. For a while, family activities took over,  but about 25 years ago I found music again. Singing with Brad Ellingboe I have had wonderful experiences, including singing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center,  and in venues in Rome, Edinburgh, Budapest,  Bratislava, Prague, London and Bath Abbey. I love the joy that comes from rehearsing and performing wonderful music, and singing in Coro Lux presents a new and greater challenge.

Mark Burak is a native New Mexican from Las Cruces and has lived in Albuquerque for 27 years. Married to his wife, Anna, they are busy raising their two baseball crazed boys Griffin (9) and Cooper (7).  He’s owned a Civil Engineering consulting practice in Albuquerque since 1994 and has worked all over the world  Mark’s music background began with a ten year affair with the bassoon achieving a number of soloist medals culminating with a seat with the El Paso Symphony.  Singing as a baritone with Coro Lux, Mark is awed and honored to be creating beautiful music with a great group of like-minded individuals.

Paul Bushnell — Paul owns and operates assisted living facilities in Albuquerque because his CD’s didn’t sell. He has sung low bass for a long time and once… just once,…one time…he’d like to sing the melody!

Bryan Butler has sung in church, school, community, and professional choirs since a very young age.  He is a staff astronomer at the Very Large Array and has been in New Mexico for more than 20 years.  He has sung locally with Quodlibet, Polyphony, and Quintessence, and is looking forward to singing with Coro Lux.

Jonathan Davidson, tenor, is the current director of choirs and performing arts at Mountain View Middle School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Jonathan enjoys singing a variety of styles from opera all the way to Lady Gaga. He has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Eastern Oregon University and a Masters from UNM in Vocal Performance and Choral Conducting. Basically, I love to sing high and wave my arms!

Sara Dean is a born-and-raised Mainer who has come to understand, since moving with her husband and two children to New Mexico in 2008, that she has Southwestern genes in her as well.  One of the best parts about her family’s move to Albuquerque in 2016 is being able to sing in Coro Lux.  After careers in music administration and teaching, she believes she has found her true calling as a music therapist.  She, Karen and Brad share an alma mater – Um Ya Ya!

Marcia Demento — Music was always a part of my childhood. Naively, I thought that all families sang. So it was perfectly natural to join my church and school choirs and band. I took a huge plunge into the music world when I joined the NMSO chorus and sang with them for 30 joyous years. Now it’s Coro Lux! The outdoors is my second love. My goal is to visit all National Parks where I enjoy hiking, studying wildflowers, identifying birds and photographing it all.

Alex Dickey — Alex Dickey has been a musical person the whole of his life, performing with numerous bands and choirs around town. He lives with  his wonderful mother Christine in Rio Rancho, though will most likely  soon be leaving to pursue a degree in voice at an out of state school.

Carol Dolan has been singing ever since the age of three when my mother taught me “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Through many years, I’ve continued to love music, especially singing, and with my busy life as a nurse, wife, mother, and grandma, it brings me much joy. AND it’s fun!!!

Martin Doviak started singing and strumming publicly as a Peter Yarrow wannabe in his teenage years, which led right into wailing Bob Dylan songs in college, followed quickly by singing and dancing as a Princeton Triangle Club chorister, and in more recent times, having ditched the guitar and dance belt, singing as a member of University Chorus, New Mexico Symphonic Chorus, Quintessence, and Coro Lux.  When not singing, he can be found on local tennis courts, ski slopes, or public parks with his three dogs trying to avoid Animal Control officers.

Elizabeth Dwyer swears she came out of the womb singing alto because she heard her family singing and alto was the only voice they were missing. She lives with her cat, Sebastian, named after Johann Sebastian Bach, who adopted her on her 45th wedding anniversary.  After 40 years of working in the people businesses of Social Work and Government, she loves waking up to the melodies of the birds in her backyard wildlife habitat.

Karen Ellingboe wishes to abstain from listing anything here in a public way, as she is currently in the witness protection program, having served time in several of the conductor’s previous ensembles.

Kit Ersfeld — While pursuing a busy career in healthcare management, Kit began singing as a tool for stress reduction. She enjoyed it so much, she continued for the next decade, right into retirement!  Kit now sings with multiple groups and spends time visiting her 3 children and 1 grandchild.

Ennio Fermo — I am Italian and started singing at 1994 with a choir in my home town of Trieste. I have three grown children, who live there. My daughter will be a mother next March, making me a grandfather for the first time.  Most importantly, I found a great person and we married here at ABQ five years ago.  She is the light of my life.  My job is restoring furniture — I like giving it new life.

Gabriel Gonzales has been singing since before he could speak from the Los Lunas area. He is married to one of the sopranos and will be a first time dad any day now.

Richard Grady is a retired accountant and music teacher. He taught junior high band in Texas for four years and was the trumpet teacher at Arkansas Tech University for eight years. He also played in the Tulsa Philharmonic, and has sung barbershop music in a chorus and a quartet for the last eight years.

Alexis Gutierrez has been involved in music for the past 10 years. He enjoys the numerous qualities that it contributes not only to himself but to the community. He is a UNM Music Ed student and Vocal Performance Major, who also likes to go hiking or camping whenever he can.

Diane Hawley — My first experience singing was in a children’s musical program in a neighborhood settlement house in Chicago. After we were married, and living in small town Socorro, the community chorus had few voices, so I switched between alto and second soprano as needed. There our sons and daughter both began singing, which they continue to this day.  My husband, John, joined me in UNM’s University Chorus after he learned I’d be going to Europe with Brad’s Albuquerque Festival Singers in 1994. Recently I have enjoyed singing madrigals. Writing this makes me realize that music and singing have always been part of our family life.

John Hawley — As a preacher’s kid (PK) in Indiana’s singing Ohio River Valley, I was in a church children’s choir by age 5 (1937) and Hanover College’s Men’s Glee Club at 18. These early experiences demonstrated that my modest vocal talents required blending in rather than standing out. During subsequent long professional immersion in desert geology, most singing was restricted to entertaining rocks and horny toads, as well as some in taberna outbursts. Then wife Diane signed up in 1994 for Brad’s Albuquerque Festival Singers’ first European tour; and I soon learned that participation in such adventures would require major vocal retrofitting, starting with the University Chorus.

Sally Hinkebein has, according to witnesses, created vocal musical mayhem since birth. An Albuquerque native, and a UNM music graduate, she performed and toured with numerous UNM ensembles, church choirs, and the NMSOC, in fully-staged works, large ensembles, and chamber choruses. Family, friends, music, reading, writing and travel constantly subvert her long-held ambition of devising a self-cleaning home!

Rebecca Jackson – My Papaw aptly named me “High-C” when I was 3. I have been singing ever since. I am a graduate of Texas Tech with a degree in vocal performance. I am currently in a group of former Texas Tech choir members who meet every six months in Texas to perform various works – the Ken Davis Chorale. I have been a voice teacher, a lead singer in a rock band, have always sung at church wherever we live, and currently teach elementary choir at Oak Grove Classical Academy. Although, my favorite job is taking care of my three kids.  I’ve been married to my husband, Richard (Albuquerque native), for 20 years. We’ve been in Albuquerque for 8 years and love skiing, hiking, and exploring the area as a family. I’m very excited to be joining locals in making beautiful music together.

Nicholas Jones is a resident musician in Albuquerque. Besides playing  piano at multiple churches around Albuquerque he stays busy by teaching music to children and adults around town. He is excited to debut with Coro Lux this season.

Cathleen Kardas has been a singer all her life – from small town life in Wisconsin, through college in Indiana to life in New Mexico with her husband and two sons. Her career as a gourd artist gave her the opportunity to make great friends and travel the Southwest.

Jan Keller began singing as a toddler in a Michigan “garage theater”. Much to the delight of her husband and three sons, she continued singing in duets, choruses and, most recently, as a 10-year member of the University Chorus. Jan enjoys watercolor painting, golfing, hiking, collecting “heart” rocks, and seven precious grandchildren.

Cynthia Lashley – I’ve sung all my life. I get my “ear” for music from my father’s gospel-jazz side of the family and my classical training from my mother’s side. I have enjoyed playing piano, guitar, cello, and autoharp (and mastered none!). I’ve sung with choirs in Connecticut, Boston, Chicago, Queens College Choir Society in NY, and most recently in UNM’s University chorus. My husband Walter and I have great fun singing together at home. I love exploring the diversity of music. We have recently returned to NM and I enjoy opportunities to sing in Albuquerque’s wonderful choirs. We are truly blessed to be here in NM!

Jane Lawrence – In the midst of a rewarding career as a pastel and oil painter, music has proved to be an avenue for great expansion of artistic dimensions.  Wherever choral music with Brad Ellingboe has taken me, New York, London, Budapest, Prague, or Bath I also find and enjoy artwork of the Great Masters.  A musical and visual high point for me was singing Star Song in Bath Abbey — the joy of the sound, and the vision of the sunlight, suddenly on cue, illuminating the vaulted ceiling.  A moment of bliss. I paint under my given name, Jane Maclean.

Jeff Lawrence – I have been singing in various choirs and choruses, the University Chorus included, for roughly 70 years. Now as a retired physicist from Sandia Labs I continue, along with my wife, with Coro Lux. But I’m still working with colleagues on a book describing the history of one of the “niche” areas of physics from the Labs. I view my physics activities as a serving of a plain piece of cake. The music is the frosting. And as we all know, the cake really needs to frosting to make a great dessert—just like music on the “cake of life.”

Alyssa Lord is a millennial who fortunately recognized early on that singing like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera would not lead to vocal longevity. Instead, she devoted herself to studying classical repertoire and ultimately got her degree in music in the tundra of upstate New York. Realizing that it was nearly impossible to sing in such cold temperatures, she traversed the United States, getting her Masters in Nashville and ultimately finding a new home in the sunny Land of Enchantment, where she now works as a voice pathologist. She figured that since she is essentially singing all the time anyway – sometimes without realizing it – she might as well join a choir. She couldn’t be happier she chose to join Coro Lux!

Paula Martin has loved music since she was 18 months old and started whistling!! Brad Ellingboe is the best conductor I’ve ever worked with, and I’m proud to be a member of ABQ Coro Lux.

Amanda Martinez mostly grew up in Germany as an Army brat, but returned to her hometown of Albuquerque as a young adult. Her first exposure to choral singing was in her childhood church; the church didn’t stick, but the singing did, and she has sung soprano in various choirs for more than 20 years. Now she works for the State of New Mexico, and lives with her husband, two teenage daughters, four dogs, a cat, several very large tubs full of yarn for her crochet projects, and hundreds of books.

Elisa McLaughlin is happy to make Coro Lux the latest chapter of her torrid love affair with music. She aspires to one day quit her various day jobs and put a ring on it, most likely in the form of a music degree from UNM and a subsequent music career. Until such a commitment, you can find her in sensible shoes, emitting an aroma of coffee.

Liz McMaster — I’ve been singing in choruses for a long time–since ‘way back in high school. Singing with Brad is a great honor and pleasure. I also weave and knit, poke into political campaigns, work backstage with local community theaters and see my grandchildren as often as busy schedules provide.

Joe Mitchell is a Music Education student at UNM whose musical journey began in 6th grade with a trumpet in Belen. He is beyond happy to have taken that journey through high school musicals, college opera productions, working ith the choirs at St. John’s United Methodist Church, and now singing with Coro Lux. He also sings in UNM’s Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and is the bass in the Viola Miller Quartet. His roles (other than Mr.
Joe, who leads the weekly kids’ drum circle at SJUMC) have included Frank in Strauss’ Die Fledermaus, Dottore Dulcamara in Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore, and – this spring – the title role in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. Joe is thrilled to be working with Brad Ellingboe, our pianist Mary Ann Ybarra, and the many wonderful voices (and personalities) who comprise Coro Lux.

Peggy Murtagh — Hooked by a love of singing since 4th grade by a teacher who taught dances & songs to her classes, I’ve sung (& danced) with many amazing elementary/junior/senior high/ college/ community, & church choirs (& directors!), as well as in small ensembles, theater & opera productions, for weddings and funerals. As an Applied Voice Major at ENMU in the ’70’s, (my family gave me the CB-handle of “Hummingbird”), I promised my voice teacher I’d never stop singing. So far, so good!

Lori Nash has been singing since I was five years old, first at home in Minnesota, and later here in ABQ. I am a widow of three years, have two wonderful daughters and their spouses. Since retiring from Medical Technology, I stay busy with my bridge groups, book club, knitting scarves for cancer patients, and playing scrabble with my three sisters! I also love being on the board of Coro Lux!

Ruth Nichols — I moved from the heart of Manhattan to Taos, NM in 1969. (Yes, I did recover from severe culture shock!)  Fast forward approximately 45 years and three teenage  grandgirls later… I recently retired from a faculty position at UNM’s College of Nursing. Now among my favorite activities are volunteering  at our beautiful Biopark and singing in Coro Lux. Bradley sets  a high bar for his choruses. It has been 10 year honor and a joy to sing with him.

Kirsten Norman — A native New Mexican, Kirsten Norman has enjoyed singing in choirs of various size for twenty odd years. Her favorite composer is Mozart even with the “too many notes”.

Amilia Notah has loved singing since early childhood. She inherited her musical inclination and admiration from her parents and grandparents and has been singing in choirs since high school. She is a registered nurse and spends her days off traveling, trying new recipes & restaurants with friends and family, going to the cinema, and being a doting mother to three purrfect furbabies.

Neal Ohle – this converted Tuba player found his voice at UNM. Being around music his whole life, he loves to be apart of any ensemble. He can’t wait to be a part of such a wonderful group this coming year!

Vinnessa Martinez Ohle – Well… I really started my musical career as a babe. My first words were “la la la”! In the real world, I started singing in the middle school choir in Belen. What an awkward time in our lives right??? Well good thing I had singing. I continued to be actively involved in choir and music throughout high school and into college. I attended UNM and sang in the Concert Choir since freshman year under Brad. I currently teach in Los Lunas Public Schools as an Elementary General Music Teacher. I now subject my students to the world of singing. It’s good for them! I am so excited to be singing in a choir again!

Wendy Orley has been able to sing in some amazing community choirs, starting with the Chicago Children’s Choir. A Foreign Service spouse, she joined choruses in England (under Sir David Willcocks and Ronald Corp), Germany, and Zimbabwe.  She also plays with horseshoe crabs at the Biopark and applauds her actor husband at ABQ theatres.

Walter Polt – I’ve been singing since grade school, including classical, religious, rich music, such as Ellingboe’s Star Song, Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis, Brahms’s German Requiem, and other top 40s. I adore singing with my wife, Cynthia: at home, at rehearsals, and in concerts. Less interested in Pop music, but yes to Jazzercise and Uptown Funk! I’ve enjoyed singing in the spectacular Academy of Music in Philadelphia and at Lincoln Center. I even had a brief, low solo with the Yale Russian Chorus. New Mexico? Hurrah for its superb conductors and rich choral choices!

Harold “Hal” Ratcliff, Tenor, born in Nova Scotia, Canada, (eh?) has been singing in church choirs since he was 6 years old (as an Anglican boy soprano!), and numerous other (secular) ensembles since. He is a Barbershop chorus member in The New Mexichords, and sings with ABQ quartet.  He is a national anthem singer for both Lobo and Isotopes games, and has sung locally with several choral groups including Quintessence, University Chorus, and others.

Rebecca Hatlestad Riedel grew up with a father and mother who were professional musicians.  I’ve been playing the piano and singing since I was a young child and earned a Bachelor of Music with and emphasis in Voice and minor in Theatre from Wheaton Conservatory.  I currently teach Kindermusik classes, private piano and voice lessons, and expect to publish a curriculum in 2017. I am also co-owner, along with my husband, Alec Riedel, of a gun company (Boomstix), a coffee company (Essence de Café), and a real estate investment company (RPLLC).  We have six children from 26 to 7 years of age.

Julie Rohr has been singing since before she could walk, with her first song encompassing the words “How Dry I Am”. Since then, she has sung many different styles of music with many groups. She feels lucky to be able to share the experiences of singing with the group with her mother, Kathy.

Ildy Rolfs — It’s a long way from my Hungarian family roots…to being born in Germany…to growing up in Virginia, adding a BA in French to my language repertoire…to becoming a proud New Mexican! An avocational singer for over 30 years: church choirs, University Chorus, UNM Opera Studio Chorus, women’s singing group, and now Coro Lux! What a journey, and one I treasure! If Music is the universal language then Singing is one of the dialects!!! Let us continue to raise our voices in song!!!

Chester Sakura — I am 74 years old and have sung with Brad for 20 years or maybe more. At my age I can’t remember how long. Ha Ha I am a retired doctor who still like golf, tennis and skiing.

Mitchell Sances is an Albuquerque transplant from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Besides working on a PhD in Linguistics, he is very passionate about singing and music in general. In his extremely limited free time, Mitchell enjoys creative writing and hopes to make it a side career in the future.

Lynn Spray — Before coming to Coro Lux Lynn enjoyed singing in the University Chorus for over 20 years. She is devoted to her family and has one son and two daughters along with being blessed with four beautiful grandchildren. On most days you’ll find her entertaining close friends or gardening. She also keeps busy as a professional Massage Therapist.

Kristin Thelander is excited to begin a new musical chapter as a member of Coro Lux.  She returned to ABQ after retiring from the University of Iowa as horn professor and Director of the School of Music.  She and her husband Wayne have been dear friends with the Ellingboes since she taught at UNM in the 80s.  As a St. Olaf grad, she appreciates great choral music and singing, but hasn’t been a member of a choir since she was 18!

Wayne Thelander was a school orchestra director for 40 years before retiring and returning to his native ABQ.  As a double bass player, he has been a member of NMSO, Santa Fe Symphony, and Cedar Rapids (IA) Symphony.  At St. Olaf he sang for two years in the men’s chorus, and now he looks forward to singing again with Coro Lux.

Julie Tierney grew up in Albuquerque, singing in a church choir and playing the piano. After a 35+ year break from both Albuquerque and singing, she’s back and loving every minute of making music.  Other hobbies include volunteering at various local nonprofits, reading, traveling and visiting the grandchildren.  Life is good!

William Trimble – My music background started with my mother at the piano.  From there it  was the trumpet and baritone and, of course, as with all of us who were teenagers in the 70’s, I picked up the guitar.  With the encouragement of my co-worker/voice teacher Mary Russell, I pursued singing four years ago with the Albuquerque Civic Chorus under the direction of Dr. Gary Pyland, then Renato Estacio and currently Jerrilyn Foster.  I’ve sung with  Matthew Greer the past two summers in his Quintessence summer choral festival,  and also with David Felberg and the Albuquerque Philharmonic. I have a son in Dallas and a daughter in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I also recently became a  grandfather and am thrilled!  Singing has brought so much pleasure to my life.  The best part has been all the wonderful people in the music community.

Karin Urban likes dogs, folk art, cooking for friends, walking in cities, and singing, especially in the car with the windows open. I love every piece of music the Gershwins ever wrote and I am moved to tears whenever I hear Aaron Copland’s Billy the Kid.

Antoinette Utsinger is a life-long resident of ABQ and has sung with Brad for about 16 years. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do two of my greatest passions…work with animals (I own pet-care business), and sing! (Sometimes even singing to the animals!)

Krista Vrapi has been singing her whole life, but mostly Disney songs,  hence she started her own company Singing Princess Parties. Now she can pretend to be a  princess on other days besides Halloween. When she is not singing Disney songs, she puts her vocal performance degree to good use singing for Coro Lux.  Though Colorado State University awarded her a Bachelor’s degree, what she was really after was an MRS degree, which she promptly got at the end of the summer she graduated. The Mrs. degree produced 3 young kids (and counting) whom she loves to homeschool. When she isn’t
homeschooling or singing for Coro Lux, you can find her crafting away which is sure to solicit an “oh great, another project” look from her husband’s adoring face.

Vicky Wood is an elementary music teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools. She originally hails from Maryland but has been living in Albuquerque for almost ten years and has no plans to leave. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and three beautiful cats.